In 2017 we officially launched the Explorer Tattoo Conference. Our goal was to educate tattoo artists within our community, giving them access to artists they admire & a place to have their questions answered. So far we have taken this event to Washington DC, Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia, & Fort Wayne. Presenters at these events have included Teresa Sharpe, DJ Tambe, Kelly Doty, Dave Tevenal, Aimee Cornwell, Andres Acosta, Justin Hartman, Timmy B, BJ Betts, Myke Chambers, Liz Cook, Stefano Alcantara, Peter Lagergren, Nick Baxter, Bill Canales, Melody Mitchell, Kelly Violet, & many more. We are grateful for the knowledge these artists share at our events. We hope you will join us. Click the link below to see where we will be & who will be presenting.

Tattoo Fest